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Johnston Construction Project
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Our Areas of expertise include:

Commercial brick, block and stone; governmental, Education, Restoration, Swiss Pearl, Cut Polished Lava, Residential and Custom Residential.

Johnston Masonry provides general contractors and owners get better results from their resources. We provide design-build and drafting services as well as masonry installation.

Commercial Projects

Commercial projects often require a tremendous amount of up front preparation due to complex architectural design, blending of materials and/or color and size variations. To compete in this market requires attention to accuracy and detail in all phases on a project and requires a knowledge of all types of systems. The team at Johnston Construction has been meeting the experience and technical skills necessary for this work for many years.

Governmental Projects

Government projects must be both functional, LEED certified, long-lasting and durable while incorporating a large array of necessary elements. Johnston Construction is trained and experienced in order to provide you


Whether it’s a K-12 School or post secondary education, we have specialized in masonry education facilities since our beginnings. Today’s green building requirements make us an easy choice in that we are prepared to help owners get the most out of our recyclable product.